About Us

PROS by Ditel is the nautical and professional vehicle division of the DITEL company, specialized in the protection, measurement and control of physical and electrical quantities.

In 1980 PROS introduced the concept of a modular panel (PROS MODULAR SYSTEM) to the nautical market, which allows the electrical control panel for a boat to be built according to its needs and under a common aesthetic.

In 2003, all the know-how of the PROS MODULAR SYSTEM became part of DITEL, which continues its expansion with the creation of new modules that incorporate electronic circuits, such as the NAVIGATION LIGHTS CONTROL or the GMDSS for the management of service batteries. and emergency

DITEL has also promoted the creation of CUSTOM PANELS (under the indications of the shipyard) for models that are produced in series, including the shipyard’s logo.

For protection and maneuvering systems we use the CARLINGTECH product, of which we are also distributors in Spain and Portugal.

The acquired experience and technological innovation allow us today to offer a wide and reliable product range, without forgetting the personalized service to our clients.

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