Pros Modular System

PROS by Ditel control dashboard and electrical panels are based on the PROS modular system.
Combining 4 panel sizes each other, we obtain the dashboard and the electric panel of leisure or professional boat.
X Panels 240x130mm – L Panels 120x130mm – M Panels 120x65mm –S Panels 60x65mm

PROS switchboard panel:

  • It adapts to the space available on the boat and not vice versa
  • Fits current needs and allows further enlargements.
  • Flexibility in the choice and arrangement of panels according to the orientation switchboard panel.
  • Diversity of choice and combinatorial of parts that integrate the panels

1: Plate made of ALPUR 4mm thick aluminum. High rigidity against deformations and resistance to marine atmospheric agents.

2: Anodized aluminum by anodic process of ± 20 μm. It hardens the surface and makes it more resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

3-4: The paint used is acrylic type modified with epoxy resins. It increases resistance to marine environments and gives a feel and look elegant.

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