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Any return process must be carried out by sending the RMA form and with its RMA label that can be downloaded below.
Returns may be made within 14 days of receiving the order.

What can be returned?

Defective products: In this case we take care of the entire process of collecting and replacing defective products at our expense. We send them our agency. The products will be inspected by our technical department and will analyze the defect, if the product is defective, the product will be replaced at no cost to the customer. If the product is detected as in good condition and does not present any defect, the return costs as well as the collection costs if these have been made by us, will be borne by the customer or buyer. Likewise, Diseños y tecnología reserves the right to apply the cost of inspection of the product will be a fixed amount of €18 per team.

Products that you have not used or that you have bought by mistake: In this case, the return will always be made by the customer and the one-way postage will not be paid, with the possibility of Diseños y tecnología paying part of the amount of the equipment or that can be apply a demerit on the return.

Diseños y tecnología will not accept returns of products developed to measure or manufactured by customer order. This applies to all large-format products, which in all cases are made to order.

Products after the deadline: Products that are returned after the deadline will be analyzed and can be paid for in future purchases at the discretion of our technical department.

All returns, whatever their type, must always be accompanied by a copy of the seller’s invoice, the RMA form, as well as the identification label on the package.

Products under warranty: Products that are under warranty may be returned after sending the RMA form, our technical service department will analyze the possible solutions and offer the best solution for you. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to indicate the date of manufacture and the serial numbers of the equipment in order to proceed to know the version and manufacture of the equipment.

What is the recommended process?

If you detect a possible problem in any of our equipment, we recommend you follow these steps:
1. Read the return policy.
2. Fill out the RMA.
3. Talk to our SAT.

For more information about the RMA system, you can call us at 933 394 758 and we will be happy to inform you, advise you and monitor the shipments and the status of your merchandise.

Our physical address:

Diseños y Tecnología S.A.
Xarol 6-B (P.I. Les Guixeres)
08915 Badalona
Tel: +34 933 394 758

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